The freshness and happiness of the Caribbean are set up at your home

The freshness and happiness of the Caribbean are set up at your home

Color, plant life, mix, and light are the hallmarks of a decorative design that seems to always survive on a getaway. Leave the door open to a world of feelings!

The Caribbean has always worked out an excellent fascination, especially throughout the summer season. Walking through its white sand beaches, discovering its aquatic treasures or its corners with ‘virgin’ plants are some of its wonders. Move this world and recreate the experiences to our homes, if it is possible. Find out ways to take a trip to the Caribbean without leaving the house through decor.

Caribbean spirit

The light is a vital part of this type of design. Powerful magical light allowing through the windows offers environments that unique touch. Opt for the mixture and forget the perfect match. It is believed that the Caribbean islands are multicultural enclaves where various cultures coexist: Spanish, French, English, and African. This variety will help offer personality and a touch loaded with ‘charm’.

Enthusiasm for color

The color in furniture, fabrics and devices is a requirement for this design. There are bold and extreme colors varying from yellow and blue, to pink, green or orange. There are few tones that have no location in our Caribbean corner. If you are not scared of excess color, combine them and use them in various aspects; if your boldness has a brake, utilize them, for example, bedding or any accessory, integrated with wooden furniture or marble flooring. Use white as a wildcard, when you want to stabilize, and to assist you to develop advanced and elegant atmospheres. You will be amazed to discover the outcome!

‘Welcome visiting the Jungle’

Natural enthusiasm and high-end greenery are other hallmarks of the Caribbean. You can survive the game or move chromatic freshness and the wilder side that keeps alive the appeal through the jungle. Wallpapers with rich greenery; bedding or unique animal types accessories get immersed in a tropical paradise, you will not want to leave. Beside this, the pieces of natural fibers, glass or wood without ‘preservatives’ and plants like palms or ferns print assist us get relaxing and warm rooms, so we can get lost in summer season or winter season.

Put a pineapple at home

And you’ll capture freshness, vitality and favorable energy in an easy gesture. This tropical fruit is pure decoration pattern -prior to and it was in style- and is ready to dominate your areas. You can acquire different personalities, painted in any color and it can be both an ornament as a tablecloth for a table or mobile cover.

When incorporating the colors for your home, keep in mind the spirited and fun side. Play with them, do not put limitations to its possibilities and find the version that best suits you and your design. With these summer season is served.

12 door painting that welcome everyone

12 door painting that welcome everyone

There are doors that are painted artworks, but not just by color. Different shapes, big windows, ornaments and knobs doors forging- all of us want to have those in our houses. Now, you can have them. Usually, the doorway to your home is rather typical, a basically square embellished with moldings and glass door. This exact same door that resembles a thousand other doors in your very own city, you can offer it a special touch with paint color you like, some ideas are-

Doors painted in yellow

Our first choice is one of our preferred options of color, yellow. Yellow is a color that draws attention, but doors offer your delight and warmth like no other. With Citron or Babouche Farrow and Ball paints, you will offer your door that luminosity that differs from the rest.

Blue doors

Is the yellow is too bright for you? You can fit your tastes more by having blue doors, it is equally gorgeous however discreet. Blue is a color associated with innovative people, it can be sumptuous or modest tone as you select. Light blue is perfect for transmitting simplicity, while sea or jewel tones fit well in conventional homes.

Doors painted purple

Another color paint for the door of your house without drawing too much attention is purple in its darkest shades. Purple is a color related to intelligence and sophistication, so if these are the values that you wish to convey, it’s a good tone to paint the entrance of your house.

Gray doors

If you wish to provide your door a color hand but want to remain discreet, use gray paint. The variety of shades of gray is substantial and sure to find one suited to your tastes. Your house paints Farrow and Ball has more than 20 tones of gray, perfect for the most demanding.

Orange doors

Orange is an extremely positive color that we power load on sight color. If you want the door of your home to be welcomed with energy, choose orange and vibrant tones like Charlotte’s Locks Farrow and Ball. Pure vitality!

Doors painted red and maroon

Red is the most popular color to paint the doors and it is of several factors. It is a color that represents good luck and according to Feng Shui, has positive energy, so that if you paint your door red, attract this force to your home. Red doors represent shelter, whether for religious or cultural traditions, so a red door is best to welcome you home.

Pink doors

Pink is the color of love and friendship, however without the enthusiasm that has red. If you are a favorable, friendly person who takes pleasure in looking after others, pink is perfect to paint the front door to your house. Want an attention-grabbing bubblegum pink? You can go for it too. For those who choose a pink stick duller, Cinder Rose tone is the one you will like.

Doors painted black

There is an entire variety of-almost-black dark colors that will give another measurement to the color of your door so it’s nothing boring. Select a matte painting to show less light, all black!

Doors painted green

A lot of painted doors we’ve seen are rather traditional; however, modern-day lines doors having a little color are likewise best. Green is a color that constantly connects with nature and a green door recommends peace and gives you a fresh at the entryway of your home air.

10 metalized walls suitable for your home

10 metalized walls suitable for your home

Metal paint offers fantastic surfaces that are not very common in the interior décor of a home. Choosing colors that paint your home is always a challenge and the most common is that we select less risky tones, however even silver, gold and copper can suit your home. Bright metal paint, glitter are utilized in the luxury to any wall and at the appropriate location. The secret is to think about the choices that best fit with the remainder of the decoration of your home and pick the application form. We inform you some!

Reasons metal stampings

In small quantities, the golden or silver paint is easier to incorporate into the surfaces you want to embellish. Here, you do not need extremely complicated, you can even benefit from the background color and apply the metal color only in small doses. Do it in specific locations and unpredictably or create a pattern to look like you have actually covered your walls with wallpaper, pick your option.

Metal paint used with a design template

There are methods of stenciling or straight lines and applying paint to form a striped pattern as you can see in different tutorials. With a damask design template and intense background colors like emerald green, navy or maroon, you get a wall that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Metalized paint your walls with gold and silver

Metal paint makes the walls much better to reflect light and make the areas appear bigger and brighter. In spaces with bad lighting, integrating bright colors with a silver or gold reflective wall amplifies the result. There are various methods of application with which you can paint a wall from top to bottom and get different textures; unequal, overlapping. In this case, you do not have to give a consistent finish. The bolder it is, the better it is!

Giorgio Graesan paintings are a perfect option for luxury finishes.

Freehand metal details

Covering a whole wall with silver or gold can be excessive sometimes, however, you can always do it in small doses and let go. Here you will not need any design template, take a brush, metal tone you select and face the empty wall wanting to give some shine to your house. If you desire a subtle surface, you can give tips of silver to a gray wall or a white gold; but to actually get interested is better to look contrast with dark colors as we know that the combination of black and gold stands for something very royal and sophisticated.

Offer your walls a glamorous surface

Offer your walls a glamorous surface

Remember these pointers for your walls to have a unique ‘look’ with a various appearance by applying a glaze finish, or if you prefer, utilizing the technique of foam.

Here’s how to get a lovely texture to your walls, which can be accomplished by using a layer of colored glaze, which contrast with the base color of the surface area. In this sense, the walls must be prepared for the best possible surface area and 2 coats of matte paint are used for this.

As for the list of tools required, this reduces to a pallet, a large brush of short bristles and a smoothing brush are used, the finish is extend and colored glaze, which is obtained by adding dye to the transparent enamel.

Greenville SC painters offer these tips to provide the best surface for your walls.

Soften the enamel surface

Here we explain one of the two existing forms to use colored glaze:

  • Apply the glaze: Load the pallet with colored enamel and apply the brush in all directions over a location of one square meter each time. The colored glaze will dry quickly.
  • Spread the glaze: Utilize a brush brief bristles wall to extend the colored enamel. Start getting rid of most apparent marks of hair and nail and continue until it’s smooth.
  • Smooth enamel: Invest the tips of the brush in all directions. To prevent paint buildup, periodically clean the bristles with a cloth.
  • The colored glaze can be used with a sponge. It is a fulfilling method and barely involves problems. The tools are basic: all you require is baking enamel and a natural sponge of good quality.
  • The colored glaze is the most suitable for the technique of foam paint and must be applied on a covered surface and painted eggshell or satin enamel. Depending upon the wanted result, you can use two or three colors that match the matte painting base.

The fluff strategy

The fluff strategy can be summed up in the following steps:

  • Load the sponge: The roller tray is the most ideal for colored glaze container. Prepare the glaze in a pail and pour it into the bucket. Then collect some enamel with a sponge and press it onto the ramp to get rid of the excess paint.
  • Use the glaze: Hold the sponge and use thoroughly with a mottled impact in between the background and the tones that have been applied. If the sponge ends up being overloaded and the paint begins to drip, drain the excess with a rag. When it has actually dried, seal the surface area with a coat of matte varnish.
10 concepts for decorating rooms in gray

10 concepts for decorating rooms in gray

One of the stylish colors to decorate your living room is the color range of gray, so in this short article we will concentrate on embellishing ideas for rooms in gray.

The living room or family room is among the most visited rooms by all family members and guests. The design of rooms ought to focus especially on the entrance, with a welcoming and friendly place to spend minutes of enjoyable and relaxation every day.

As the hall is the place that welcomes us after a long hard day of work, it is important to be quiet, not cramped place, therefore we must avoid colors too vibrant on the walls, possibly you can utilize an intense color in one of them, but never in all.

The gray is an ideal color for a room since it is a neutral color, is elegant and blends with virtually all colors. In addition, the gray combination is extremely extensive, and you can pick from darker to lighter gray to suit the design of your house. Decorating concepts for rooms in gray are quite royal, so we have selected a total of 10 ideas to help you decorate your living room.

10 concepts for decorating spaces in gray

1. The gray for a contemporary living room

The gray is a neutral color that stands to light and inspires elegance and modernity to decorate your room, utilize this color integrated with white, and it will provide plenty of light and will assist you to get a roomier area.

2. Dark gray on a single wall to contrast

If you wish to get your hair salon gain depth, put a dark one of the gray walls of your living room, it is well with warm colors such as creams and whites.

3. Gray warm for elegant beauty salons

If you desire a classy room, you can integrate different shades of gray warm as this color range is advanced and offers the environment a great deal of class.

4. Cool gray to contrast a minimalist area

Cold gray colors can assist in embellishing minimalist rooms, if you wish to include a touch of color, paint one wall in a striking; the contrast with the rose is really impressive.

5. Grey clear for a cozy living-room

The light gray are great for comfy, relaxing and warm room, you can offer a lot more warmth painting the walls in a cream tone.

6. Grey for traditional decoration and diverse

The gray color likewise works very well with classical and diverse decor, combining them with earth colors is very interesting.

7. Textures gray to give character and elegance

You can include texture with tips of gray, supplying an extremely stylish to a loft with a white-walled space result.

8. Dark gray for a guys’ space

You can get a very masculine design utilizing gray tones in the decoration of the room.

9. Create atmosphere with the gray in your space

You can recreate a really unique ornamental atmosphere utilizing the gray in your space if you likewise desire a special and initial touch, it integrates unique aspects on the wall as these watches that mark different times.

10. Get a soothing effect with an extremely light gray for your lounge

Wager on an extremely light gray for your living room if you really want to relax after work.

By using these ideas you can get rooms suited to your mood and necessity.